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What Perfect solutions is for you!

DigitalFairytales is a full service web design company covering Dorset and the UK for website design and development. So what do we mean by ‘The Perfect Digital Presence’ ? Before we start any website design project we take the time to fully understand your business. We research your brand, strategy, products, services and most importantly your customers so we can create an end result that is tailor made to you and your needs.


Web Design

Bespoken Websites, Brochure Websites, E-commerce Websites

Wait what?

There is a lot of Jargon in the web industry and the simple answer is? They are all websites.

Bespoken websites are sites that are coded from the ground up, or a CMS like WordPress but heavily modified and your the only one with a design like that. Mostly static content.

Brochure Websites, are like the one you are reading now. Simple "scroll" websites mostly used for startup businesses, but more and more common. This is a cheaper and more scalable website then a Bespoken Website.

E-Commerce is a website or platform to sell your products or services online.

As there is a lot of choices take a look at the button below to see how simple we have made it to create your website step by step.

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Website Care Plans & Web Hosting

It’s like tune up for your car, it needs care and love and a garage to stay inside.

Wait what?

Website Care plans are to take away the headache for people that have their own website. No more stress of updating, tuning, fixing.

Like most things on the internet, content needs to be updated. Some plugins and core updates needs doing. If you are running WordPress Website already, then you know of the pain and frustration and time consume it takes to keep things sorted. With a Website Care Plan we can take that pain away and you can focus on whats important for you.

People don't really think a lot around the Web Host, but infact its a pretty big impact on your business website. Slow loading time, coding language support (like PHP, MySQL etc) are all factors that play in on the speed and optimization of your website. This also effects your SEO. And even your customers, nobody wants to wait for a slow website.

We teamed up with SiteGround to give our clients the best of the best of hosting to a affordable low price. Oh and don't worry we even help you setup the host for free.

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Website Care Plans
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Brand storytelling

Wait what?

A Website for your business is nothing if its not showed to the world right. It all plays a role in a circle. Branding, SEO, Social Media.

SEO is the Search Engine Optimization and the way people search for you online. Using certain keywords you can make yourself show up higher up on example Google. By ranking higher the more traffic you get.

By having a good Brandstory you people wants to engange and interact with you and your brand. And the last pice then is if you use Social Media to be found, people love engaing and been social. They share your site or service with your friends, more exposure to the Internet, Google will see this and rank you higher aswell.

As we say 'The Perfect Digital Presence' it covers this circle, and we at DigitalFairytales knows how we can create it for you.

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For companies based in Bournemouth, Poole, Ferndown, Wimborne, Dorset and further afield we are more than happy to act on a consultancy basis to work with your in-house web design team advising on all aspects of design, build, security, hosting and online marketing. Even if you would just like to discuss a future project give us a call on 07480 887171 or contact us below.

So many choices?

If you would like to have a friendly chat with one of us, or have any questions just drop us a line here and we be glad to help!